Developing Quantum Mobile#

Code style#

Code style is tested using pre-commit:

pip install pre-commit
pre-commit run --all

Updating the documentation#

pip install tox
# to build from scratch
tox -e docs-clean
# to start a live server (reloads automatically on changes to documentation)
tox -e docs-live

Testing a build on GH Actions#

Pushing a commit to master or a PR on GitHub will trigger a pre-commit and initial build (only for init tagged tasks) tests on GH Actions.

You can also trigger a full build test of either the vagrant or docker builds, by pushing a git tag prefixed vagrant- or docker-.

To trigger this build test when working on a PR, you can create a tag locally (on the PR branch), then push it to GitHub:

git tag -a vagrant-test1 -m "Test the full vagrant build"
git tag -a docker-test1 -m "Test the full Docker build"
git push --follow-tags

The docker build will also push the final image to, under the tag develop.