Preparing releases#

Versions to check/update#

One way to check that the latest ansible roles are being used in the requirements.yml file, is to use the GitHub GraphQL query:

# endpoint =
  search(query: "org:marvel-nccr ansible-role in:repo", type: REPOSITORY, first: 100) {
    nodes {
      ... on Repository {
        refs(refPrefix: "refs/tags/", last: 1) {
          edges {
            node {

After updating requirements.yml, be sure to run:

tox -e update-ansible

to force upgrade of the downloaded roles.

Provisioning the VM#

Desktop Edition#

Ensure Vagrant is updated , and to update the base box and plugins you can run:

tox -e update-vagrant

Follow the desktop build instructions.


Manual modifications required, as of QM 23.04.01, desktop shortcuts mut be manually enabled:

  • First install the file with

    $ sudo desktop-file-install --delete-original ~/Desktop/homepage.desktop
    $ sudo desktop-file-install --delete-original ~/Desktop/jupyterlab.desktop
  • Now navigate to the /usr/share/applications in the folder app, find the files and drag/drop them to the Desktop

  • Right click on the file on the Desktop and select Allow Launching

Cloud Edition#

Follow the cloud build instructions.

  • For the server to build the VM, choose e.g. 2 CPUs with 4GB of RAM, with at least 16GB of storage.

    • Your configuration may also be the standard configuration shown to users creating a VM using your image

    • Currently Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

    • Expose ports as listed in instructions

    • You won’t need it for long, so price for CPU/RAM is of no concern

  • Exemplary metadata:

    • name: quantum-mobile-20-05-0 (GCP only allows alphanumeric characters + dashes)

    • family: quantum-mobile

    • description:

      Quantum Mobile Cloud Edition Server v20.05.0 See

Releasing the VM image#

To prepare the release:

  • Fill in the manual sections of dist/Release-<version>.md

  • Release the distributions (see below)

  • Copy dist/Release-<version>.md to docs/releases/ and add the top-matter section.

  • Update

  • Commit changes of quantum-mobile repository to main branch

  • create new GitHub release, copying content of dist/Release-<version>.md (replace Changelog section with link to documentation) file and

Desktop Edition#

Releases should be uploaded to the mrcloud openstack account and marvel-vms container.

If you have authentication to this project, you can generate the API key and other environmental variables necessary to connect using:

(this will ask for your username and password)

$ tox -e openstack-api
TASK [Print environment]
ok: [localhost] =>
  - |-
    export OS_AUTH_URL=
    export OS_PROTOCOL=mapped
    export OS_AUTH_TYPE=token
    export OS_IDENTITY_PROVIDER=cscskc
    export OS_INTERFACE=public

Copy/paste these export commands into the terminal, then you can use the openstack CLI via:

$ tox -e openstack -- object list marvel-vms

Upload contents of dist/ to object store

$ tox -e openstack -- openstack object create marvel-vms dist/Release-<version>.md
$ tox -e openstack -- openstack object create marvel-vms dist/quantum_mobile_<version>.ova

Finally generate a short-link for the object store URL with, then replace the URL in dist/Release-<version>.md.

Cloud Edition#


Here are some indicative prices for hosting public images and disk pricing:

  • Image pricing (for us to host it):

    • magnetic: 8.5c/GB/month (GCP)

  • Disk pricing (for users):

    • magnetic: 4c/GB/month (GCP), 2.5c/GB/month (AWS)

    • SSD: 10c/GB/month (AWS)